Why Should I care about Organic Food ?

SukhiAnna - Indian Organic Food - California

Personal health

Organic products are produced and processed without the use of synthetic and persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, artificial ingredients and preservatives, and genetic engineering.

Research conducted by the USDA, California Dept of health, and Consumers Union has consistently shown that organic products have low, or no, pesticide residues.

Researchers at the university of Washington found that a diet composed of predominantly organic food “provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against exposure to organophosphorous (OP) pesticides.”

No Genetic Engineering

The Planting of genetically engineered crops is not allowed in organic production. Researchers have found that genetically engineered Bt corn harms aquatic insects and disrupts stream ecosystems.

Feeding the world

Long term experiments in IA, MN and WI demonstrate comparable corn and soybean yields. Research summarising 293 published comparisons found a 30% increase in world-wide yields using organic methods.