Most of us have learned in health education that organic products are the essential food substance for one to be healthy and free from frequent diseases. Even health experts advise us to include organic and natural beans in every meal. Despiste this and due to our ignorance, we continue with our routine unbalanced diet. Most of those who have adhered to the right advice by the nutrition experts have greatly benefited.

There is more awareness in the world today, especailly in the US. People are becoming more aware of the whole organic and have made it part of their routine grocery shopping to buy organic lentils and beans.

SukhiAnna is an Organic Food Brand focused on delivering great products to customers that are looking for a healthy lifestyle. We are certified from the California health department and can proudly say that our SukhiAnna organic products are one of the leading organic products in the food market today. We are supplying to the majority of Indian and Iranian grocery stores. Our main area of business development is in the bay area.

Due to overwhelming customer needs, we have expanded our operations by creating an online presence and are focused on devliering a great customer experience.