Organic Flour

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Once you discover goodness of SukhiAnna Organic Flour, you will never use anything else. You can rely on us for the same excellent results time after time.

Organic aata is the most important cereal crop in the world and ubiquitous in the food culture. SukhiAnna has a variety of Organic Indian grocery and organic imported products for you to buy health food online.

SukhiAnna’s Organic Besan is made using chick peas of the finest quality packed with extreme care to ensure it retains its nutty flavor and aroma to make sure your dhoklas are always fluffy and spongy and your pakoras are always crisp.

Organic daliya has high fibre content, which not only helps in keeping the digestive system healthy but also keeps the hunger at bay for a longer time. Being organic it is free from pesticides and chemicals.

Organically grown without pesticides and fertilizers. We at SukhiAnna strive to give you healthy produce and unmatched quality, our maida can be used to make delicious cookies and breads.