If you think quality over quantity then the concept of buying organic food and saving money is easy to understand. Everyone needs certain amount of food that is needed to be satisfied, healthy, and well fed. In seven days you can only eat so much. If you think about how much a 1200 to 1800 calorie diet a day eating fresh foods of organic vegetables, fruits, grains, leans meats, and nuts is then you will see that you can eliminate a lot of extra foods that you do not really need. You can still have desserts made of real food like butter and cane sugar, this is fine. If you are only eating organic real fresh foods and do not buy a lot of boxed processed foods you can save money in two ways.

When you eat organic food year after year, you are preserving your body. Eating organic will save you money by keeping you well and out of the drug store buying medicines. Eating organic can lower your risk for needing to go to the hospital. You can think of organic food as an investment in your body that will save you later on in life. Boxed processed foods have also gotten very expensive over the years.

SukhiAnna organic foods include delicious flours for baking all kinds of excellent foods. There are also SukhiAnna organic Indian beans to choose from that are an excellent source of protein. If you are on a budget, organic beans can provide you with excellent energy. Organic spices are what keep the healthy food interesting and delicious. When people are amazed by flavor in food it is usually the spices the cook has used. You can find SukhiAnna organic foods in your closet Freemont Indian Store. Try organic and fresh food for a month, you might just be amazed at how much money you can save.