Americans are getting savvier about the quality of food we eat and demanding more diverse options at the same time. We want to act locally, but really, we want to eat globally. Interest in ethnic food—especially Indian and Iranian food—has skyrocketed right along with the demand for more organic choices. Indian spices are among the most flavor-rich in the world and organic ones are the most nutrient-dense. So how do you combine the two? Try adding organic Indian spices into your everyday recipes and see how it wakes them up. Fremont’s SukhiAnna offers up choices like lal mirch powder, a livelier substitute for cayenne, for instance. Or try haldi, a staple Indian spice you might know better as turmeric. It lends a rich aromatic dimension and color to your food while being an anti-inflammatory superstar to your body. Cooking with organic Indian spices means maximum flavor meets maximum health benefits. Why eat like it matters? Because it does.